How To Set Up Windows Hp Elitebook

HP PCs - Backing Up Your Files (Windows 7) Backing up files using Windows 7 native CD burning. Using Windows Back Up and Restore in Windows 7 . Creating a system image in Windows 7. This document pertains to all HP and Compaq PCs with Windows 7. Unfortunately, most people think to back up their files after it is too late. There are many ways that the information on your computer can be […]

How To Watch Bbmas 2018 Australia

May 1 2018. The Billboard Music Awards are only a few weeks away, and the line up this year is going to be spectacular. For the first time the music awards will be broadcast by NBC, and to […]

How To Stop Dwelling On Things You Can T Change

In other words, you cant change a cat into a dog. Love just isnt enough to change a persons basic nature and upbringing. If you fall in love with someone who is reserved and you are more […]

How To Delete All Your Search History

Confirm your choice by clicking on Delete and all your search history will be deleted. Steps to Erase Search History YouTube YouTube search history are useful mainly in two ways, 1st you can find any video that you cant remember but have previously searched in YouTube, and 2nd YouTube search history make a recommendation based on your search and watch history. […]

How To Write An Explanation Paragraph

The paragraph has been variously defined as a "subdivision in a longer written passage," a "group of sentences (or sometimes just one sentence) about a specific topic," and a "grammatical unit typically consisting of multiple sentences that together express a complete thought." […]

How To Tell The Difference Between Aqueous And Liquid

1/07/2016 · Each time you form a new aqueous layer with a new compound, you can isolate it in a test tube. Ether is not soluble because there's not a strong enough dipole between the O and the C to give the O enough of a partial negative charge that would make it water soluble. This is because there's not a big enough electronegativity difference. […]

How To Use Free Cam In Train Sim 1017

Note except for Steam Loco Driving, the so called keyboard leftside cross (W, S, X, A and E) comprise the most often used Driver keys, those used for throttle control and the brakes. […]

How To Not Be Nervous For Work

The goal, remember, isnt to replace your nervous laughter (not yet, anyway); its to experiment with different routines until you identify one thats driving the behavior. By experimenting with different rewards, you can isolate what you are actually craving and re-engineer the habit. […]

How To Start Redstoning In Minecraft

while true do os.pullEvent("redstone") if rs.getInput("side") then -- change side to the side you want to check break end end -- code to run after signal here If you need to have the shell running at the same time and just start a program when you get the signal you can use the parallel api to run it […]

How To Wear Silk Saree

Indian woman will wear silk saree for wedding and other special occasions. However, it is really hard to remove stains from silk fabric. Before removing a stain from a silk saree… […]

How To Talk To Your Child About Parents Fighting

I understand there are very few that have had this happen to them and even fewer willing to talk about it, and to be honest i really put up this thread more so for people like you, not a parent but still affiliated with the situation somehow, and if there are parents who are willing to talk about such a tragic event and share their story that's great also. Thanks for sharing your story. […]

How To Use A Fake Id

18/09/2017 · Apple states Face ID is even more secure than Touch ID, allowing only a 1 in 1 million chance for someone to be able to unlock your iPhone with their face, versus a 1 in 50,000 chance with Touch ID. […]

How To Delete Search History In Firefox

clear firefox history You can customize the options for clearing the browsing history by choosing the things that you would like to delete. To do this click the “Setting” button and check all those options that you would like to delete. […]

How To Sing Tenor Very Well

My personal evaluation of his singing is that he is a true leggiero Tenor who has wisely developed blend of registration. If one carefully studies the sound of his high C, it takes on a ‘headier’ approach than the standard Lyric Tenor. This is not something Mr. Florez is creating, but a result of a more perfect breath-balance which results in more registration balance. Also there is an […]

How To Write A Poem The Easy Way

10 Easy Steps To Analyze A Poem Aug 12, 2013 . A poem is a special type of writing specifically because it has very little boundaries, or constraints placed upon it. One of the most subjective types of writing, poem writing is left to the reader for interpretation. There are many different types of poems that an individual can write, or they can go outside of the traditional, and write one of […]

How To Take Care Of Lantana Plants

8/12/2018 In this Article: Propagating Lantana Plants Planting and Caring for Lantana Plants Ongoing Care for Trailing or Creeping Lantana Pruning Lantana Plants Community Q&A References Lantana ( Lantana camara ), also known as Yellow Sage or Jamaican Mountain Sage, is an evergreen plant. […]

How To Stop Dogs Digging In Garden Beds

Combating hungry birds can be daunting for many gardeners, but some simple additions and exclusions to the flower pots can help keep birds from digging up the plants and soil within. Birds dig … […]

How To Change Watch Face On Apple Watch Sport

For example, the $350, smaller 38mm Apple Watch Sport's case is made of aluminum, it comes with a silicon band, and its face is composed of "Ion-X" glass, which is reportedly durable but less […]

How To Use Wood Pellets For Smoking

What Makes Pellet Smokers Different. Most people usually wonder what a pellet smoker is and what makes it different from a normal smoker. As the name suggests, a pellet smoker uses wood pellets when smoking. […]

How To Use Makeup Base

This will create a smooth base for makeup to glide over and make your pores look smaller. The truth is that making your pores less visible begins long before you start your makeup routine. The truth is that making your pores less visible begins long before you start your makeup routine. […]

Vmware Esxi How To Turn On Serial Port

VMware ESXi – Serial & Parallel Port (use physical serial port on the host) Greyed Out by Simon Seagrave 25 Comments I have just gone to add a serial connection from my APC UPS to my management server which is running under on a VM on ESXi. […]

How To Use Foam Hair Rods

2/03/2014 I roll my hair the night before using BB Foam Moisturizing Wrapping Lotion and section the hair to put the rods. However, the hair tangles a lot. It's nothing serious just de-tangle with a […]

How To Set Up Mailing List In Outlook

Once you are all set, finalize the mail merge by clicking "Send". To measure the success of individual campaigns, click the “Mail Merge” button in your Outlook Ribbon and choose the “All Mail … […]

How To Tell If Nikes Are Fake

NOTE: The easiest way to tell is buy them direct from a Jordan / Nike retailer, not China. 1. Check the quality of the box. Jordans are a beautifully packaged sneaker. Theres a number of things you can check before even looking at the sneakers: Nike packages their shoes in a sturdy box with the logo on the lid and on the side of the box. Examine the box closely for errors in brand logo […]

How To Show My Facebook Password

Facebook has given some users notifications telling them that the password they entered is wrong, when in reality, it's 100% okay. At the confirmation screen that appears after clicking "Delete My Account," the system tells them their passwords are incorrect. […]

How To Train A Dog Not To Bark At Everything

We are keto enthusiasts. Everything we do is devoted to inspiring people to transform their lives by changing the way they eat and how they feel through the keto train a dog to not bark way of life. […]

How To Take Apart A Viewsonic Glass Monitor

30/06/2011 · How to heal Broken Lcd Laptop Monitors Posted on June 30, 2011 by edward31mueller Whether you need computer repair in Ithaca, or anywhere colse to the world, if you own a laptop or an external flatpanel monitor, then you have probably run into some problems with the liquid crystal display. […]

How To Be Flexible At Work

Be flexible and adaptable. Uncertainty and change are a given. Know that your priorities will change, and often when you least expect them to. But—and here’s the trick—you also want to stay focused on the tasks you’re committed to completing. 6. Know when to cut. You probably can’t get to everything on your list. After you prioritize your tasks and look at your estimates, cut the […]

How To Take Raw Honey

The How To Take Raw Honey Best Foods For Insomnia Herb Sleep Condition. Some How To Take Raw Honey between Chf Weight Gain and sleeping pills may help temporarily but usually do not fix the main problems that How To Take Raw Honey Eating Steak Before Bed some people say that is required a larger amount of these herbs make sure that them an […]

How To Turn On Portable Wifi Hotspot

The portable Wi-Fi hotspot is now active. Other devices can connect to it using your network name (step 8) and password (step 10). Other devices can connect to it using your network name (step 8) and password (step 10). […]

How To Stop Texts From My Own Number

iMessage will display texts for a given phone number or email associated with your Apple ID. My wife and I share an Apple ID and we dont get each others texts. Go to, Settings, Messages, Send And Receive. Make sure only your number is checked. Then do the same for all the devices you are having this problem with. Jean says. November 13, 2013 at 7:57 am. Thanks Alex, that would be another […]

How To Stop Mouse Click Pop Ups Malwaretip

This could be because of 2 reasons: -Pop-ups from websites, make sure you have the setting to not allow pop-ups enabled or an ad-blocker may do the trick -Malware; infections can lead to this occurring. Methods to get rid of malware is listed below. […]

How To Use Keratin And Wax Mens

16/04/2017 2017 Keratin/Smoothing Hair Treatment For Men. Guys i'm showing you my keratin/smoothing treatment for mens curly hair. It is an fantastic hair treatment that smooth your hair and provide their […]

How To Write Money In Spanish

27/05/2008 Best Answer: nueve pesos veinticinco or nueve pesos con veinticinco centavos nueve pesos veinticinco or nueve pesos con veinte y cinco centavos nueve pesos con veinticinco centavos nueve veinti-cinco thats the word for it […]

How To Turn Off Usb Sound Windows 10

23/04/2016 · Stupid move making the default "allow Windows to turn off the device to save power". Gotta be in the top 10 list of things they keep screwing up but should know better. Gotta be in the top 10 list of things they keep screwing up but should know better. […]

How To Stay Calm With Toddler

To help a child learn to manage or reduce hyperactivity includes strategies to help lower physical activity levels and to calm thoughts. The following are 10 ways parents can help reduce […]

How To Use Flocking Powder

Flocking material can also be sprayed using an air compressor, reservoir, and spray gun similar to spraying paint. It is primarily used when large areas require flocking. It is an untidy process, because some of the flocking fibres become airborne. Flocking is also applied by printing an adhesive on to a substrate, and then rapidly vibrating the substrate mechanically, while the flock fibres […]

How To Sell A Phone On Craigslist

16/02/2010 · I sold a pair of shoes on craigslist. I had bought also bought these shoes on craigslist. I met up with the man and he examined the shoes for about ten minutes before handing me the money. A couple hours later, i get a text message about how the shoes are fakes. He says that he will tell the police that this was a scam. The only thing he has is my cell phone number. I did not force him to buy […]

How To Understand If A Huge Number Is Prime Probability

The law of large numbers is an expression of the fact that the ratios predicted by probability statements are increasingly accurate as the number of events increases, but the absolute number of outcomes of a particular type departs from expectation with increasing frequency as the number of repetitions… […]

How To Tell Aura Colour

Aura colors can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings and dreams. The aura colors and their meanings vary; auras can be light or dark shades, and they can be vivid or dim. […]

How To See Written Directions On Google Maps

The eagerly awaited Google Maps app brings with it a pair of key features missing in Apple’s maps app: the eye-popping Street View mode, and public transit directions. And with Google Maps on your iPhone, you’re more likely to steer clear of the spotty directions that … […]

How To Write Japanese Letters On Keyboard

Write It! Japanese is the first writing recognition app for Japanese kana! Try our writing recognition and you'll never want to go back to tracing apps. ? Hassle-free writing. Never get stuck or have to go back and reference how to write a character. ? Practice writing with guides before testing yourself, making learning extremely fast […]

How To Get A Boy To Want You

It was advice that I once thought to be "old-school" but now understand to be timeless wisdom. What my dad knew, and I would soon find out, is that I wanted to be the one pursued in a relationship. […]

How To Use Bs Player

BS Player Pro Patch file with Keygen Serial Key is a multimedia player software for Windows that supports a multiple media formats like as the AVI, MKV, WAV, MP3, MP4 and much more. It enables you to play the music, videos, DVDs, movies, podcasts, radio streams, tv streams and much more. […]

How To See Hidden Ability

See if your partner’s web history is always cleared off. • Rooted smartphones can be installed with Titanium Backup or use the option Settings>Apps>All for view all programs installed. • Access Settings > General > Restrictions in your iPhone device and uncheck the programs that are hidden. […]

How To Tell Your Mother You Are Pregnant

How To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant. by Lita Jordan January 26, 2018 No Comments. Seeing those two lines on a pregnancy test can be terrifying when it was not expected or sought after. The second thought that often comes to mind is how to tell your parents you’re pregnant. It may be tempting to keep it a secret or delay telling them, but this is not the best plan of action. They will […]

How To Stop Auto Renew In Amaysim

19/12/2017 · A few years ago you could use the IVR system (*300) which is like an automated call and you followed the prompts, making selections. But I think that service number has been re-farmed to *777 self-service section. […]

How To Start House Construction Business In Australia

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) is an initiative of the Australian Government that brings together information on major infrastructure projects from all jurisdictions and across the three tiers of government on one unique website. […]

How To Set Netflix To American

How to Set Up ExpressVPN to Unblock American Netflix. With your Netflix account set up, youre ready to dive in and get yourself an American IP address! Follow the steps below to set up and use ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix for fast, region-free streaming any time. Step 1 Get ExpressVPN . This is the easy part! Start by clicking this link to gain access to our exclusive deal. Then, go […]

How To Use If Statements In Access 2010 Query

23/05/2005 · Can anyone tell me if its' possible to use the same type of IF(OR Statement that can be used in Excel, in Access. I'm a little green to all of this, comparatively, and I need a little help. […]

How To Turn Up Torsion Bars On Chevy Truck

6/09/2010 If you have access to a lift, you could unwind one turn, drop the truck, raise it back up and do another turn, etc until you're happy with the drop. The same thing could be done with a floor jack and stands, but it would be a lot more work. […]

How To Stop Dexie Headache

Sheds Dixie Highway Fairfield Ohio How To Make A Wooden Stop Sign Cost Of Building A 16 X 16 Shed Build A Metal Shed Sliding Door 10 X 12 Shed With Garage Door Coats, jackets, scarves and hats would be the next complication. […]

How To Set Up An Hrp

High resolution pack (HRP) for EDuke32 There's a high resolution pack available for use with the EDuke32 engine. This enables 3D models of your enemies and high quality graphics. […]

How To See Gpu Speed In Mac Status Bar

22/10/2018 · Functions of the notebook's GPU temperature, FAN speed, and speed control. Generally a full-screen display is used when playing games in a Gaming notebook, and the extensive use of the GPU’s computing power during gaming means that the GPU operates at high speed. […]

How To Stop Dog From Scratching Door Frame

24/04/2010 "When you scratch on the door and won't stop, it makes me feel unappreciated. I'm starting to feel angry" I'm starting to feel angry" "OK, we can do this all day. […]

How To Show Images When Hovering Over Tabs

Hover your mouse cursor over the object with the hyperlink, and the ScreenTip should appear and display your text. Notice that as we set the hyperlink to navigate to this specific slide, even if you accidentally click the object, you remain here on this same slide within your presentation. […]

How To Set Search Engine In Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox was once the most preferred web browser till the Google Chrome started capturing the worldwide market. But still, nowadays Mozilla Firefox is still considered to be one of the most secure, fast and efficient web browsers, mostly among its old users. […]

How To Send An Email To A Text Verizon

5/01/2019 · I need to know how to send an entire text conversation to my email. I can send a single message at a time but I need the whole conversation of both what I said and what the other person said. I need help!!!!!!! It is for court for my son. I need to know wand the Verizon store referredme to this […]

How To Start A Career In Politics Uk

While there are exceptions, in general, there's no shortcut to a career in politics. You have to do the work, put in the time, and impress the people who could someday hire you. […]

How To Tell If Canned Food Is Safe

Not planning your meals ahead of time can cost you hundreds of dollars and precious hours not spent with family and friends. At the same time a regular family dinner can result in a more loving relationship with your kids, less trouble at home and even a reduced risk of school dropout and teen pregnancy. […]

How To Use Microsoft Exchange Calendar

I am using the Windows 10 Mail App connected to my 2013 Microsoft Exchange server. I have many meetings in a day and often the event times get changed. So a calendar request will come in, and it will show up on my Calendar properly. Sometime I do not accept the events.. but they will still show as a tentative event in my calendar which I like. Then the moderator of the calendar event will […]

How To Use Chemi Pure In A Sump

17/11/2015 · GFO is Granular Ferric Oxide, the "Elite" stuff in Chemi-Pure Elite that removed Phosphates. Here are link of what I would do if I had a 200G+ tank with a sump. […]

How To Tell A Guy You Love Him Via Text

Home > Love > How to Tell If A Guy Likes You Through Texting. How to Tell If A Guy Likes You Through Texting. By I’ve tried my best to also flirt back and try to convey my feelings indirectly that I love him. This has been for 2 and a half years. This year in Jan, was the last time we texted each other. There was absolutely no argument, but he just sofpped texting me. I didn’t text him […]

How To Turn Off Proxy Settings For Firefox

This blog specifically speaks about locking proxy settings on Firefox web browser. This method will prevent the users from bypassing your network proxy/content filter. […]

How To Stop Youtube Stuttering

Michael is the founder of The Start Speaking Training Center, LLC, author of “Don’t Try to Stop Stuttering, REPLACE It!” and creator of The PRO90D Speech System 2.0. He is the author of several courses and has over 100 videos on YouTube. Michael is a professor of Student Success at a local community college where he began teaching on campus and later switched to online to give him more […]

How To Solve Equations Involving Parallel And Perpendicular Lines

Solving Equations Involving Parallel And Perpendicular Lines Calculator. By admin December 23, 2017. 0 Comment. Writing equations of lines calculator custom paper academic service parallel and perpendicular lines systry how to calculate parallel and perpendicular lines precalculus tips elementary algebra v1 0 flatworld. Writing Equations Of Lines Calculator Custom Paper Academic … […]

How To Make A Homemade Bike Repair Stand

This is a guest post from bike blogger Bek Maples, creator of SLO Cyclist. Check out more of Bek’s musings on cycling at Over the years, I’ve come across plenty of articles that claim to tell you how to build up your cycling toolkit for cheap. […]

How To Write An Appraisal For Staff

The time of a performance appraisal and review that occurs towards the end of a year or the beginning of a new year is usually tense, for both managers and employees, with the expectations soaring at high levels. Doing justice to an appraisal is therefore important, so […]

How To Turn Ac To Dc

17/10/2011 · Re: how to convert DC to AC?? Some portable power tools used on 230 volts use DC series wound motors on AC. The field coil is in series with the rotor winding. Not sure if this is the same with 110 volts, but if it is, then the 120 volts DC will work OK with such power tools. You can easily check […]

Men Of War Editor How To Turn

hi everybody I am making a list of video Tutorial on how to use the Gem Editor for people who need it if anybody see a video Tutorial on how to use the Gem Editor please add the video link here and i will add them in the list of video. […]

How To Set Up Apa Format In Word 2007

When you open MS Word 2007, you will be looking at the the "Home" group of commands displayed below the MS Word 2007 Ribbon. Usually the "Normal" style in the MS Word 2007 program has been set with page margins of 1 inch top, bottom, left, and right. If those margins have been changed in your program, select the […]

How To Write A Proposal Sample Pdf

45+ Project Proposal Examples PDF, Word, Pages A project proposal is a document that provides information about the items that should be implemented and/or […]

How To Stop Restless Leg Syndrome Without Medication

19/06/2009 · There are some medications that actually may serve to worsen a restless leg syndrome affected individual. Learn how to treat restless leg syndrome without medication from a doctor in this health […]

How To Start A Gigolo Business In Hindi

Shreyas Talpade turns gigolo in 'Great Grand Masti' Director Inder Kumar's upcoming adult comedy, 'Great Grand Masti' is all set to hit the screens on July 22 and there is a surprise for the […]

How To Show Other Tabs On Task Manager

Each browser tab gets its own process so that if it runs into a problem and crashes it doesn't take down the other tabs with it. You can keep track of a hanging or locked-up tab with the PID or use the PID to mark tabs you want to keep open when closing hanging or frozen tabs in the Task Manager. […]

How To Start Cleaning Houses For Money

cleaning houses can be the easiest way to earn money from doing very little, but one thing id like to mention is dont under sell yourself as youll be stuck with someone who pays too little and you wont be able to ask to increase to a good level. i find the easiest way is simply go out and knock on doors asking if they need one, worked for me enough that i quickly could hire people to […]

Dell Laptop How To Stop Warning About Different Charger

DELL Motherboard failure In some cases the charging circuitry on DELL laptop motherboards is (also) defective. When properly diagnosed, there's a possible work-around to charge DELL laptop batteries externally / standalone. […]

How To Write Initials With Dots

Draw dots in the shape of letters on a piece of paper. Your child will play connect the dots to form the letters. Dots that are fairly close together will help him use shorter pencil movements to learn how to write … […]

How To Search For Wireless Brother Printer

If this happens, you will have a chance to do an "advanced search" for the printer using the printer's assigned IP address. You can find the IP address by printing either the Wireless Network Test report or a Network Configuration page. […]

How To Use Extra Deck In Duel Links

Duel Links. We have news, leaks, decks, tier lists, tournaments, guides, reviews and event reports! We have news, leaks, decks, tier lists, tournaments, guides, reviews and event reports! The best, most competitive information about YuGiOh! […]

How To Tell If Thermostat Or Element Is Bad

Before checking the heating element, I recommend checking the house breakers or fuses for your dryer. The dryer will power up and run in only one of the 120 volt legs of 240 volt power is supplied to the dryer. If the second leg of 120 volt power is missing, then the dryer will not heat. […]

How To Use A Thesaurus Worksheet

First, you will copy the worksheet so that each student will have a copy. Then, you will explain what a Thesaurus is and how to use it. After that, you will pass out … […]

How To Stop Chair From Going Down

19/03/2015 · It puts more of the effort of keeping you upright on your feet and legs, with the back of the chair acting to keep your back straight. This'll only work if you have an adjustable desk chair. This'll only work if you have an adjustable desk chair. […]

How To Teach My First Piano Adventures

I bought this on the off chance after searching various music stores for a piano book suitable for teaching a 5 year old. This book is perfect as it takes into account the reading skills of children this age and presents the themes in a colourful and imaginative way as required for Key Stage 1 music. […]

How To Use Airdrop For Iphone 6

My iPhone 6 STILL can't see my 2012 retina mbp with Yosemite to airdrop. However my mbp sees the iPhone and is able to transfer files to it. Both are set to allow anyone. […]

How To Book Train From Jakarta Airport

How long is the drive from Jakarta, Indonesia to Bandung, Indonesia? The total driving time is 2 hours, 50 minutes. Your trip begins in Jakarta, Indonesia. It ends in Bandung, Indonesia. If you're planning a road trip, you might be interested in seeing the total driving distance from Jakarta […]

How To Solve Matrix In Calculator Casio Fx 991ms

Casio, Canon and Sharp have also been major players, with Casio's fx series (beginning with the Casio fx-1 in 1972) being a very common brand, used particularly in schools. Casio is also a major player in the graphing calculator market, and was the first company to produce one ( Casio fx-7000G ). […]

How To Write A Beat Generation Poem

Beat Generation and Allen Ginsburg The Howl of a Generation The "Beat Movement" in modern literature has become an important period in the history of literature and society in America. Incorporating influences such as jazz, art, literature, philosophy, and religion, the Beat writers created a new and prophetic vision of modern life and changed the way an entire generation of people see the world. […]

How To Tell The Sex Of Newborn Kittens

2/06/2006 · I know there's a way of telling the sex of a newborn kitten -it's either they'll (on their behind) have a line and a dot or a dot and a line. I used to know how to tell and I forgot. My cat just had kittens and I want to put them in the Recycler for free but need to put down the sex's of the... […]

How To Use Irish Potatoes To Thickn Sauce

Stir in scoops of leftover mashed potatoes to thicken the sauce in your chili, if you do not have potato flakes. Stir until the mashed potatoes dissolve into the chili. Check the consistency and add mashed potatoes a little at a time until your sauce reaches the desired consistency. […]

How To Start A Multiplayer Divinity Original Sin Game

11/04/2016 · So Steam says you can play through Divinity: Original Sin as a co-op multiplayer game. Does anyone know how it works? I know it plays with a party of two characters, so obviously, each player uses one of the characters. […]

How To Set Live Wallpaper On Iphone 6s

Live Photos have definitely stolen the spotlight as one of the most anticipated features on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. But they are not the only “live” additions to the devices. You can now enjoy Live Wallpapers in addition to Dynamic, Stills, and of course, any photo or image you […]

How To Use Lucky Patcher On Android

Lucky Patcher is use for android & ios tricks and hacking for some another apps 😀 i really loved it <3 and its android app who can remove your ads work like adblocker 😛 Filed Under: Lucky Patcher Tagged With: Lucky Patcher […]

How To Use Moringa Body Sorbet

The Moringa range has been my favourite since forever, so when I read about the new Body Sorbet that launched this year, I just had to try it out! I've never used (and to be perfectly honest, even heard of ) body sorbet, so you can imagine my curiosity. […]

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